Frequently Asked Questions
When Doing Property Records Search

If you are someone new to searching property records you may have several questions in mind as to what types of records and information you will be able to get from your search. You may also be wondering how to search for property records and how the information you find will be of benefit to you. The frequently asked questions can help you understand the why, how and where of searching property records.

What are property records?

Property records are legal documents that contain information on land and real estate as well as physical assets like buildings and other residential and commercial spaces. Property records are compiled from information submitted by property owners to their local tax agencies.

What are some examples of property records?

Property records may include all information available to the public, including purchase date, purchase price, year built, mortgage records and more.

Where can I use information from property records?

Information you can gather from property records can be used to compare home values, get leverage when negotiating home sale prices, for locating real estate investment opportunities, for checking the veracity of information given to you. You can also use the information to know the current value of homes in a specific area when you are planning to buy or invest or even sell your home. Improvements made on the house increase the value of the property. If you are intending to sell your property, you can look at current market value of homes for sale within your locality.

If you are a home buyer or a real estate investor, you will be able to use the information in finding the right real estate property that will fit your budget, get information on its current market value, the assessed value that is currently on file and past assessment figures. These pieces of information are vital when you want to find the real value of a home, comparing it with other properties that interest you and help you when making an offer on a property.

Property records can help in settling property disputes regarding boundaries that may have deviated from the original due to change in ownership. Property record information is also useful when checking original, previous and current property ownership.

What other records can be found when doing property records check?

Property records check not only produce pertinent data on real estate properties. You can also find several other information that will be helpful when you are making a background check, confirming the veracity of information you have, to building cases such as tax evasion cases, in claiming alimony payments and child support, to determining marriage and divorce, unclaimed property, mortgage loan balances, foreclosures and census statistics.

You may be able to find licensing records for businesses, contractors, and other licenses issued to professionals. This is vital when you want to determine the credibility of a service or professional group before you engage their services. You will be able to check complaints and disciplinary actions that have been issued to licensed individuals and business entities.

Can I check criminal records?

Yes, you can if the records are deemed by the courts to be available to the public. Some of the public criminal records are jail and inmate records, warrants and registered sex offenders. Most state department of corrections also maintains past and present jail and inmate records that can be viewed by the public.

Will I be able to find information on births, deaths, marriages and divorces?

These types of information belong to the vital statistics category and these are also public records, although there are states where some information can be declared as private at the time of submission, such as divorces. The health department of a city or state may be the department that maintains most of these types of records although some country or local courthouses may be the repository of marriage and divorce records.

Which states are covered by your service?

We cover all 51 states of the United States. You do not have to leave this site to search property records for other states and counties. We offer you great convenience by doing your search only from one place.

How do I do a property record search?

Different property record service providers have different methods of how the public can gain access to property records. If you are interested in a particular property or doing a background search, it is best to provide the name of the person so you can get specific information. If you are interested in finding a real estate property in a particular locality, you can pinpoint or narrow down your search by street and by house/building number. There are several options that are available to you when doing a property record search. From our site you can be more specific when looking for information, such as finding tax information on a property by entering the street number and address.