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South Carolina Property Records

Located in the Deep South in the US, South Carolina is a state that is bordered by North Carolina on the north, Georgia on the south and west, and the Atlantic Ocean on the east. With a total land area of 30, 110 square miles, its 46 counties serve as a home to 4,625,364 people (total population based on the US Census data for 2010). Its population is mainly composed of white persons (68.9%), followed by black persons, American Indians, Alaska natives, and Asians.

Based on the US Census Bureau Fact Sheet, there are 2,084,231 housing units in South Carolina and a total household rate of 1,533,854 as of 2009. Moreover, the home ownership rate in this state is 72.2% (as of 2000) and a homeowner vacancy rate of 3.2% as of 2010. According to the Tax Foundation Organization, the median value of a housing unit in South Carolina as of 2010 is pegged at $137,000.

Due to the severe damage caused by the 2008 economic crisis, there are many residents who were laid off from work. The employees especially hit hard by the recession had no choice but to sell their properties. This is one reason why there are many available real estate properties for sale in South Carolina as well as other states in the US. In addition, many homeowners also started to fear the foreclosure of their properties and thus began to dispose of some of their other properties in order to combine their mortgage loans. Consequently, the scenario makes it very easy for investors to purchase properties with very cheap price tags.

In order to facilitate the sales and marketing of real estates, realtors began to use the power of the Internet to attract prospective investors. This gave birth to the online search options for South Carolina Property Records. You can find a list of property ownership records, property history, and proper tax information which can be easily accessed in just a few clicks at On top of that, this online service also saves you a trip to the county’s clerk office to browse through all the property records in South Carolina. You are assured to find the most essential data about South Carolina property records in your search. The information on this website is updated as soon as new ones are available so as to assure the customers of quality data. With these powerful tool for searching public property records, prospective buyers are sure to find in depth background check on the real estate properties in South Carolina. Investors should do their research diligently in order to help them find the perfect property that suits their needs and budget most.

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