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North Carolina Property Records

Nestled in the Southeastern region of the United States, North Carolina is the 28th biggest state with its total area measuring 53,821 square miles. The land area measures 48,708 square miles, while the water area is 5,103 square miles. Virginia is on its north, Georgia and South Carolina on the south, Atlantic Ocean on the east, and Tennessee on the west. North Carolina has 100 counties, ranking seventh as the state with the most counties. The U.S. Census Bureau records that as of 2010, North Carolina has a population size of 9,535,483. North Carolina residents are mostly whites, blacks, Hispanics, Latinos, and Asians. In 2000, there were 3,132,013 households in North Carolina, and each household had an average of 2.49 persons. And in 2009, housing units in North Carolina totaled 4,258,625.

North Carolina has a steady real estate market. Currently, the median value for owner-occupied houses is $108,300, while the median sales price for housing unit is $97,500. However, with the aftereffects of the economic recession still lingering, foreclosures in North Carolina are still remarkably high. This is alarming to the state government, prompting the officials to develop measures to reduce foreclosures. But to potential homebuyers, this is an investment opportunity. With more houses put on the market and with their prices dipping, potential buyers can purchase houses at a relatively low price.

Houses on the market, however, must be thoroughly reviewed before making a purchase. This is to ensure that the houses are indeed a good investment. Reviewing of house profiles can be done at The service can give you a comprehensive background check on a specific house by providing vital records such as land deeds, property tax records, and tax assessments, a name of the current owner, names of the past owners, property sale history, assessed value, neighborhood profile, and a list of registered sex offenders in the neighborhood.

North Carolina property records are very accessible to the public, helping you determine whether the house of your choice fits your and your families’ preferences. The results of the North Carolina property records search is turned in quite quickly, which means you can make several searches and have actual results without any hassle.

What's more interesting is that the search is likewise easy to do. To search for property records in North Carolina, you only need to supply either the complete address of the property or the name of the current owner. The name-based search is especially useful if you are running a background check on a specific person. Keep in mind that property records are not only useful when making a property purchase; they are also utilized to gain relevant information on a person’s identity. Property records acquisition, after all, was originally intended to make a background check.

There are several property records search services available for your use. Look for them on this website and make sure they can give you all the information you need to make a wise property investment in any North Carolina state.

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