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New York Property Records

New York sits in the Northeastern region of the United States and borders New Jersey and Pennsylvania on the south; Vermont, Connecticut, and Massachusetts on the east; Pennsylvania, Lake Erie, and Lake Ontario on the north and west. New York is 49,112 square miles big and has 62 counties. Touted as the U.S. third most populous state, New York has 19,378,102 residents as of 2010, most of whom are whites. New York currently has 7,206,591 households, 2,333,434 of which are households with children. The housing units total 8,050,025. The owned units are 4,008,223; the rented are 3,198,368; and the vacant are 843,434.

House sales in New York are steady, although sales demonstrated a downhill stride during the nationwide economic meltdown. In fact, the total sales of existing homes in 2009 declined to 253.9 from 2008’s 255.3. Sales further went down in 2010, with a record of 242.

But as the national economy recovers from the recession, the real estate market in New York is likewise slowly picking up. Although house sales do not show any remarkable increase, there are currently more interested investors. This is primarily due to the decline in house prices, although prices in some counties have increased a bit. As of April 2011, the median sales price for New York homes are $1,079,672.

Many of the houses on the market are foreclosed, an opportunity many of the house investors are taking advantage of. Foreclosures are brought about by the economic meltdown that has started the past years. Because of the economic slowdown, more homes are put on sale, thereby giving interested home investors more choices.

To provide help to property investors, our website offer property records. Property records are primarily used to review the full profile of houses on the market. New York property records, such as tax records, property rights, and deeds, can be retrieved by using the search boxes about. But more pertinent property records can also be acquired. Information like the property’s current owner, past owners, sale history, property assessed value, crime history in the property neighborhood, and registered sex offenders in the neighborhood. Maps of the property can be accessed as well.

The records can be accessed by providing the complete address of the property, or the name of the property owner.

Property records in New York are also utilized to make a background check on a specific person. With the acquired property information, especially the information on property history and neighborhood profile, the user can know more about the person he is running a background check on.

When purchasing a house in New York, it is very important for buyers to get as much information as they can about the house they are interested to buy. Property records search tool, therefore, can be of great help. This online tool has to be maximized to make sure that a house is really a good investment.

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