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New Hampshire Property Records

The state of New Hampshire is located in northeastern United States. It forms part of the New England region and is bordered by the following states: Massachusetts (south), Vermont (west), and Maine (east). The Atlantic Ocean is also in the eastern border of New Hampshire. The northern border of New Hampshire is Quebec, Canada. In terms of size, the total area occupied by the state is 9,304 square miles (sq mi) giving it the 46th spot among all U.S. states. Population wise, as of the 2010 U.S. Census, New Hampshire is 42nd on the list. Total population is 1,316,470 while population density is 146.8/sq mi. The largest city is Manchester but the capital of the state is Concord. Currently, there are 10 counties in New Hampshire. The state motto is “Live Free or Die” and the state is nicknamed: The Granite State. The median income of the state as of the last census is $60,441, which is 6th highest in the U.S. In 2010, the average household size is 2.54. Just like all the other states in the U.S., New Hampshire’s population is comprised of a mix of various races: white Americans, African Americans, Hispanics or Latinos, Asians, Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders. In terms of housing, the total number of housing units at the time of the census was 600,087 and the median housing value of owner-occupied homes was $253,000.

New Hampshire’s unemployment rate in February, 2010 was 7.1%. This rate dropped by October of the same year to 5.4% showing that recovery is slowly on the way. There has been an increase in home sales at the start of 2011 with median prices going down. Statewide, in February 2010, single-family homes median price was $200,000. By February 2011, the price went down to $185,000. Inventory of housing units for sale is still relatively high but interest rates are low and the prices, competitive. It is expected that strong sales activity will be in the horizon. Home buyers should take advantage of the current market situation.

In order to get the best deals as a home buyer, you first have to do some research on the properties you are interested to purchase. New Hampshire property records provide pertinent data that can affect the selling price of various properties in the state. Access to property records in New Hampshire is quick and easy if you use the search facility here. New Hampshire property records can contain a wealth of information useful for any buyer or for individuals interested in background information related to New Hampshire properties.

Use this site to get the latest and most comprehensive New Hampshire property records. There is a wealth of vital data at your finger tips. By entering the required information in the search fields (house number, street name, city and state), you can access the following information:

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  • Any liens and judgments placed against the property
  • Property-Neighborhood demographic
  • Satellite & Map images of the property

The property-neighborhood demographic is useful for those who want to know the make-up of the neighbourhood where the property is located. For safety and security reasons, crime data and sex offenders living in the area are two types of information that many people are interested to know before buying a property.

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