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Nevada Property Records

The 7th largest state in the United States is Nevada with a total area of 110,561 square miles. Its capital is Carson City while the largest city is Las Vegas. Two-thirds of the roughly 2.7 million people in Nevada live in and around the Las Vegas metropolitan area. The state, which is largely desert and semiarid, is divided into 9 counties. A big portion of Nevada is located in what is called the Great Basin. Most of the land (86%) in Nevada is owned by the United States government. The state has a number of nicknames including “Silver State” and “Battle Born State.” It is a major tourist destination with its legalized gambling and very lenient marriage as well as divorce proceedings. It is ranked 35th in the U.S. population-wise; 2,700,551as of the 2010 U.S. Census. Population density is 23.4 per square mile; ranked 42nd in the whole country. The median income for this state is $56,361 (15th overall). The racial distribution of Nevada according to the census of 2008 was 65% white Americans, 7.1% African Americans, 6% Asian American, 2 % Pacific Islanders and American Indians and 20% Hispanics or Latinos. The average household size is 2.66. A total of 1,138,045 housing units were reported with the median housing value of owner-occupied homes at $275,300.

The housing bubble hit Nevada hard. There are many homes still vacant in this state (roughly 167,564 in 2010). The unemployment rate is not going down fast enough and is well above the U.S. average. Because of the state’s dependence on tourism and the casinos, the recession hit the state hard. Foreclosures are high in the housing market and demand for homes is low. This means prices of homes are still expected to be low.

Nevada property records are important to potential home buyers as well as people who gather background information. You will be surprised at the available data contained in property records in Nevada. Public records are available for anyone seeking information. The public records can include property ownership, marriage and/or divorce information, birth certificates, personal and real property tax information, data on crimes and arrests and more.

Property records information in particular is valuable for many reasons. In this site, the records are up-to-date and the information available is not all commonly offered by other Nevada property records search providers. You can get the name of the property owner together with the contact information, who is living in the property and who has resided on the property in the past, the last recorded sale price and the sale history, the property’s assessed value, the demographics of the neighbourhood and more.

If you are thinking of buying a property in Nevada, or are merely curious about pertinent information related to a particular property, do your property records search here. No time is wasted. Use of the search tool is quick and simple.

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