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Montana Property Records

Montana, nicknamed “The Treasure State,” is located in the Western United States. It is the 4th largest state in the country with a total area of 147,042 square miles. However, in terms of population, it only ranks 44th among all other states: 989,415 as per the latest census. Its population density of 6.8/square mile is the third-lowest in the country. The economy of Montana is dependent on ranching, oil and coal mining, lumber, hard rock mining, wheat farming and tourism. Montana has a number of mountain ranges and is a favorite tourist destination because of Yellowstone National Park, Glacier National Park and the site of the Battle of Little Bighorn. The capital is Helena while the largest city in Montana is Billings. Three Canadian provinces are located north of Montana: Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. North Dakota and South Dakota border the state to the east while Wyoming and Idaho lie west and southwest of Montana, respectively. Ancestry wise, the largest groups are Germans followed by the Irish, English, Norwegian and “American.” Montana, much like the other states, is home to white Americans, African Americans, Native American groups, Asians, Hispanics, and many other races. The state of Montana is made up of 56 counties. The average household size Montana as per the latest U.S. Census (2010) is 2.49. Public property records in Montana indicate that there are 108,418 records in the state with 29,882 for sale. For owner-occupied homes, the median housing value is $162,100.

In the past years, there have been significant changes in the economy of Montana. Prior to the national recession, Montana’s employment growth and wage growth was high. Unemployment was lower compared to the national value. However, the recession did have an effect on Montana. Many workers lost their jobs and those who kept theirs experienced a slow rate in wage increase. 2011 brings new hope to the state even if the recovery is expected to be slow. The housing market was affected by the recession but not as bad as in other places in the country. Currently, prices of homes are affordable and interest rates are low. It is a good time to consider buying property in Montana.

As more properties are being put on the market, a prospective buyer has more tools at his disposal in obtaining Montana property records. It is now possible to check property rights, history of ownership and residents, currently available properties, and other pertinent data. Access to property records is not just for Montana but for all other states in the U.S. Montana property records here can be customized to include additional data such as tax records, crime data, sex offenders living in the area, satellite images and map images. All you need is to provide the house number, street name, and city in Montana to get the property records. You can also enter the Owner's name of the property as well.

On this website, you can generate property records in Montana and use them as you see fit. Whether you are a potential home buyer or investigating details surrounding a Montana property, do your search for Montana property records here. The search is guaranteed 100% confidential.

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