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Michigan Property Records

About 41% of Michigan’s 96,716 square miles of total area is water. It has the longest freshwater coastline in the world. It is bounded by four Great Lakes and the Lake Saint Clair. No wonder why it is the leading USA state when it comes to recreational boating. These bodies of water practically separate the state from Ontario, Canada, which is its adjacent state in the north, east, and south. Indiana and Wisconsin are also nearby the mitten-shaped state.

Meanwhile, there are a total of 9,883,640 people living in the 83-county state of Michigan. This 2010 count of population has not increased that much since the last 10 years as it was only a 0.6% higher compared to 2000 population. Although that is the case, Michigan is still the 19th densest state in the USA, having 102 people living in every square miles of area. Most of its people are White Americans, composing almost 79% while African Americans run second to hold 14% of the population. Other races here are Asians, American Indians, Pacific Islanders, Mutiracials, and Latinos.

Its capital city, Lansing, is not the biggest or the most populous. It is Detroit. This city holds most of the economic activities of the state. Yet, it is not the richest but Barton Hills, having a per capita income of about $110,000. So it would not be a surprise if only two persons live in every housing unit in Michigan. The state has added almost 300,000 housing units since 2000, which is quite a lot. Units that are owner-occupied are priced at an average of $115,600. But if these units are for sale, the asked price is typically just around $89,000.

Generally, Michigan housing units are low-priced compared in other states in the USA. Most of these units are priced low, yet they are not sold for foreclosures. Just imagine how cheap the price will be for property on foreclosures. So do not be surprised to get must-be-sold-ASAP deals in Michigan.

Just a friendly advice, do not ever fall trap into them. Not that these good-to-be-true deals are unreal, but because you need to be a wise real estate investor. You do not want to invest on a housing unit that is sold to you double than its potential sales price. That is why experienced realtors keep on suggesting using the Michigan property records.

Only about 20% of real estate investors are using the Michigan property records and only they are typically successful on this investing endeavor. That keeps the large 80% wondering what you can get with property records in Michigan and why they keep on making the small 20% richer and richer.

Contrary to popular beliefs, the Michigan property records are more than just a way to check who the owner of certain properties is. There is more valuable information that can be attained by just looking up at Michigan property records. You will know who is paying the tax for that property, the previous owners, the sales price, and the current market value of it.

But there are special property records in Michigan that can provide information more than the usual. Current residents and previous residents can be determined as well as their job, their earnings, and their criminal records. These Michigan property records can also be used to determine the general safety of the community.

In the end, the information that can be gotten from property records in Michigan is similar but will differ on how useful they can be. The skills to use the information can be learned through experience. But it will always start from getting the most comprehensive Michigan property records.

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