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Louisiana Property Records

Louisiana has a land area of 43,566 square miles consisting of 64 parishes. It is located at the southern region of the United States and bordered by Arkansas on the north and the Gulf of Mexico on the south, by Mississippi on the east and Texas on the west. Louisiana is the only state in the U.S. that has political subdivisions called parishes, which is equivalent to the local government’s counties. Some urban parts of Louisiana have multilingual and multicultural heritage. Louisiana is somewhat special as the people are largely influenced by a mixture of Native American, African, Spanish, and French cultures of the 18th century. The current population of Louisiana is 4,529,426 according to the US Census data for 2010. Jefferson Parish has the largest population with 455,466 residents, while Tensas Parish has the lowest population at 6,618. Based on the U.S. Census Bureau, 2005-2009 American Community Survey report, there are a total of 1,911,254 housing units in Louisiana, with 1,644,094 housing occupied, and 267,160 vacant. It also shows that the median monthly housing cost is $1,102 for owner-occupied housing units with a mortgage. In the 2000 data, the total household is 1,656,053 with an average of 2.63 persons per household.

In New Orleans, LA there were about 9,214 single family and condo homes listed for sale as of May 2011. The median asking price is more or less $170,000. Since last year, the inventory of homes for sale was down by 9.4% and the median cost has decreased by 4.6%.

These figures indicate a big decline in the real estate business, not only in Louisiana, but also across the country. A large number of properties were foreclosed due to the recent economic crisis coupled with the impact of hurricanes Katrina and Rita. People lost their jobs and others sold their properties at very low cost and decided to move to another area and start a new life. Values of properties have started to go down as many properties were put in the market. Potential investors will find this opportunity a good chance to invest in the real estate business and earn big returns. They can resell the property at a much higher value once the market recovers and gets back to normal.

When buying a property, a number of things are considered before deciding the best one to fit your criteria. Looking for a property is made easy with the help of today’s modern technology. You can do your own research through this website right away. With just some few clicks, you can see the history of a property, not only in Louisiana, but also in the other states. Tax records of real and personal properties can be checked as well. This is an important data that can determine the value of the property you are buying. In this website, you can search the parish name, owner’s name, parcel number, or subdivision. You can also do a background check of a person, and search for different types of records such birth, marriage, death, and criminal records.

Take time to check several properties in Louisiana and the other states. Research the details about the neighborhoods through the help of property records check before deciding to purchase a property. You can get invaluable information about the current owner of the place and other basic information such as location, price, essential services, and school proximity. Doing a property search record at Property-Recods-Online.com can save you a lot amount of money because you can use this information when negotiating for a good price.

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