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Idaho Property Records

The 43rd state admitted to the Union was Idaho. It is located in the Northwestern part of the United States. Ranked 14th in terms of land area, Idaho is 83,570 square miles. The capital, Boise, is the largest city. This mountainous state is landlocked with six states surrounding Idaho: Montana and Wyoming in the east; Nevada and Utah in the south; and, Oregon and Washington in the west. British Columbia, a province of Canada, is at the north border of Idaho. 44 counties make up the whole state. The total population of Idaho as per the 2010 U.S. Census is 1,567,582. Idaho ranks 39 in terms of U.S. population. Population density is at 15.64 per square mile. Idaho, the Gem State, is a fast growing state. You can find a large number of people living in Idaho with English and German ancestry. The population is multi-racial just like all the other states in the U. S. In 2009, the reported number of housing units is 647,502. The national number of housing units in the same census year is 129,969,653. In the next year, 2010, 69.9% of the housing units were owned while only 30.1% were rented. In the 2010 U.S. Census, the average household size was 2.66 persons per household.

In the 2010 Outlook Conference held at Boise, Colliers International real estate experts gave a rather glum assessment of the property market. They are implying that difficult times are still ahead until such time that more jobs are made available to people. Trouble continues to plague the retail, office and industrial sectors of the real estate market although economists have said that July 2009 marked the end of the recession. But compared to other states, Idaho is considered one of the more balanced ones. Prices of homes have appreciated slowly. According to one realtor, houses that sell below $200,000 are “seeing good activity.” Agents, sellers and buyers in Idaho are optimistic and believe that the worst has passed.

Now more than ever, the public has more access to property records in Idaho. This is because many of the realtors in and around the state are heavily competing for sales. Realtors are finding ways to provide potential clients the best service they can and this includes providing vital information on Idaho property records. The type of information one can gather is diverse. From property history, ownership, availability, deeds, tax and tax assessments, tax liens, foreclosure information, property and land improvements and so on and so forth.

On this website, the property records search service is 100% confidential. If you are trying to obtain background information on a particular owner, all you need is the exact location of the property he owns in Idaho, to get the vital records you are looking for.

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