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Florida Property Records

Florida is located in the southeastern portion of the United States. Part of the Gulf Coast, Florida is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico on the west, Alabama and Georgia on the North and by the Atlantic Ocean in the east. The 2010 population of Florida is estimated to be about 18,801,310. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, it ranks fourth in terms of population in the country. Population density for this state is at 350.6 per square mile. Florida has a total area of 65,755 square miles will puts the state in 22nd place among all the U.S. states. Jacksonville is the largest city but the capital is Tallahassee. South Florida’s metropolitan area is the largest metropolitan area in southeastern America. The Sunshine State has 67 counties. Florida has a large Hispanic community. White, African Americans, Native Americans, Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders, and Asians are also part of the multi-racial population of Florida.

The total housing units in Florida is 8,848,172 according Florida Census Data 2010 with a total household of 7,420,802. Occupied housing units are at 6,987,647 while vacant housing units are at 1,860,525. From another source, the median value of owner-occupied housing units in Florida is $105,500 while the national average is at $119,600. The median asking price on the other hand is $92,200 compared to the national average of $89,600.

It is unfortunate that the hurricane in 2004 has affected the real estate market in a very negative way. Homeowners insurance went up by 40% to 60%. Deductibles have gone up, too. In 2008, Florida’s mortgage delinquency rate was the highest in the U.S. Florida is in the 2009 list of hardest hit housing markets in the country. Most Florida homes are waiting to be sold. Vacancies are rising while prices are falling. There is an oversupply in the real estate market keeping prices low.

Different realtors are competing for prospective buyers especially in Florida. This is why they offer tools to easily access property records in Florida. Florida property records are easy to obtain here and you can be assured of a quality custom-designed report suited to your needs. All you need is the location of the property (house number, street name, city and state) to get property records in Florida or the house owner's name. All your inquiries about Florida property records are 100% confidential.

Apart from specific details about the actual property, other vital information can be included in the Florida property records. Property neighborhood demographic, list of sex offenders living in the area and satellite/map images of the property are at your finger tips.

By using the tools here, you can paint a good picture of not only Florida area housing market, but also of specific individuals who own property in the Sunshine State. You will get access to public records, background checks, birth, marriage, divorce, criminal and other types of public records. Use the Florida property records search tools here to your advantage. Be in the know so you can protect your future investment whether it is a real estate property, a personal relationship or a business investment.

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