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California Property Records

Located on US West Coast is California, a state that has a geography that is very diverse. On its east is the Nevada Mountains while on it has the Pacific Coast on its west. Mojave Desert is located above the said state while there is the Redwood Douglas fir forest on its north. California, otherwise known as the Golden State, is the most populous state in the United States. Said population it is a total of the 37,253,956 with a population density of 234.4/square miles when its land area is taken into consideration, which is 163,696 square miles. California has 58 counties; Los Angeles being the most populous while Alpine is the least populated area. And such overall population consists of: whites, Hispanics, Asians, black, and native Americans. There is a total of 11,502,870 in this state, with an average of 2.87% persons per every household.

California property records reveal that the existing housing units in this state as of the year 2009 are 13,433,718. 7,643,785 of which are already owned, leaving 5,789,932 available real estates. The latest known average value of said available units is $211, 500, which was estimated in 2000. But the same has considerably lowered down due to the economic recession. In the year 2006 when the economic recession is at its peak and worst, the median value has decreased to over 30%.

Due to the recession, credit availability in the market on residential mortgage collapsed unprecedentedly. This made it hard for both buyers and owners alike to be qualified in terms of getting new credit. As a result, residential foreclosures in the state of California increased dramatically, affecting prime borrowers as well as sub-prime loans. But that did not stop there because in 2008, such foreclosure increased to 377%. Even though there was a reported increase in the price of California’s housing units in 2009, commercial real estate still struggles. Up to now, the rates of vacancies is increasing while the rent levels are declining. More so, according to the data included in the U.S. National Home Price Index of S&P Case-Shiller, December of 2009 showed further decline in the prices of California housing units. If before, the housing market of California was its key economic growth driver, such is no longer the case today.

In case you want to perform further research on property records in California, you can find a wealth of information here about a particular property. You can make your research as general as possible or you can also opt to narrow it down to a specific city. Either way, such research will definitely yield results that could help you decide better if you really plan to invest on real estate in California. You can find out about the previous residents of the same, the owner and his contact details, the sale history if the place, its assessed value and many more.

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