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Arizona Property Records

One of the states located in the United States’ southwestern region is Arizona, which is also a part of mountain west and the western portion of US. Being 1 of the 4 state corners, it serves as a border to California, Nevada, Utah and New Mexico. In addition to this, it touches the state of Colorado and has an international border with Mexico and Sonora that runs for about 626 km or 389 miles. Arizona is the biggest US state that is landlocked by population. Based on the data stipulated on the 2010 United States Census, its population now amounts to 6,392,017. When its total land area is taken in consideration, which is 113,998 square miles, the population density is 56.3/sq mi. Among the 15 counties in Arizona, Maricopa County is the most populated while Greenlee County is least populous. Said overall population includes whites, Hispanics, blacks, American Indian, Asians, Alaska native persons, and native Hawaiian. The total number of households in the said state is 1,901,327 with a 2.64 average as to persons for every household.

The property records in Arizona show that the total housing units in the said state is 2,752,991. From which, the percentage that is available to buyers of real estate is 32.0% with $121,300 as the median value. As can be seen in the records, the price of housing units in the said state has become dangerously low. It is vital to note that for every $3 in the economy of Arizona, $1 from which is related to real estate. And with the recent economic recession that affected this business tremendously, the overall status of the economy was pulled down as well.

With the reset of adjustable rate mortgages in 2008, the feared increase in the foreclosure of various real estates in Arizona became a reality. During this time, 5% of owners are already behind their payment, a situation that was exacerbated with the difficulty of obtaining new loan. Banks have grown restrained in granting loans to not only with those who have questionable credit but also those with good credit, trying to manage the losses that the establishment felt because of bad loans. A good example of this, is the obtainment of a loan of $125 in the court for bankruptcy by that the biggest private lender in the state, Mortgages Ltd. As expected, the tax revenue of Arizona had an enormous decrease in 2008, which is 13.6% as compared to the previous year. When January 2009 came, the total job loss has amounted to 155,400. In June 2010, nothing much has changed considering the 9.6% unemployment rate. The economy as a whole stagnates continuously considering the high vacancy rate that is about 25% in commercial real estate specifically in Phoenix Metro, as stated in the Arizona property records.

You can use this online service in looking for property records in Arizona, and for deeper research on the place. Not only will you be able to look into important details about the same like the history of its sale, its former residents, judgments and liens on the same, but also information about the neighborhood such as the average income in the area, the list of committed crimes and sex offenders.

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