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Alaska Property Records

Known as the US largest state by area, Alaska ranges at approximately 586,412 square miles (1,518,800 km2), or over twice the size of Texas, the next largest state. As such, it is said to have a longer coastline than all the other US states combined. Alaska is situated in the northwest of the continent of North America, Canada to the east, the Pacific Ocean to the west and south, and the Arctic Ocean to the north. But despite such vast mass of area, Alaska is the least densely populated state of the U.S, as it is home to approximately 710,231 residents only. Its capital city is Juneau, which is located on the North American mainland; although it is detached from the rest of the North American highway system.

With a very minimal number of residents, it would also reflect very small housing unit occupancy. In the 2009 US Census data there are a total of 283,878 housing units in all of Alaska and a total 221,600 households, with an average of 2.74 persons per household. Furthermore, in the same census, there is at least 62.5% of homeownership rate and 27% housing units in multi-unit structures in it. Property records in Alaska also show that the median value of owner-occupied housing units is $144,200. Homes in Alaska are currently selling under $245,000, showing a significant upward trend from 2010 to 2011. In almost all of the counties of Alaska, this upward trend of estate prices is being felt. In Anchorage, compared to last year, homes are now selling at little over $250,000. Home prices in Fairbanks are a bit lower than that of Anchorage, but are still a bit expensive, which is currently selling at around $230,000, while in the capital city homes are selling not over than $255,000.

Partly, this inflation in housing properties is due to the current economic depression that the US is experiencing. Because of the slump, many homeowners fear that foreclosure would come next due to their failure to pay mortgages as unemployment and commodity prices also looms into the horizon. This fear is forcing more homeowners to dispose of their real estate properties, which in turn makes the housing market chock-full and a feast for prospective buyers.

Apparently, finding a home in Alaska is not arduous task. Coupled with the above-mentioned phenomenon and the almost perpetual growth of technology, home hunting has never been this easy! Nowadays, one who chooses Alaska as his abode and frontier can simply search for Alaska property records for real properties, which include, but not exclusive to, tax assessments, developments and upgrades on the land, and other important circumstances that in one way or another affects the price of the real estate.

Try to bear in mind that Alaska law requires the seller to give you a written property disclosure before accepting your offer to buy a home. Then once you find the house that really suits your taste, remember that you'll have to put together and sign a purchase and sale agreement, containing the terms of sale, like sellers' and purchasers' names and addresses, purchase price and down payment, closing and possession dates, condition for who bears the risk if the property is damaged before closing, property liens, its registration in Alabama property records, etc.

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