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Alabama Property Records

Alabama, covering a total land area of 52,423 square miles, with 67 counties, is located in the southeast region of the United States, bordered by Mississippi on the west, Florida and the Gulf of Mexico on the south and by Georgia on the east and Tennessee on the north. Being near the Florida and the ocean, the population of Alabama consists of whites, African Americans, American Indian or Alaskan natives, Asians, native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders. The current population of Alabama is 4,779,736 according to the US Census data for 2010, with an average of 71,399 per county. Jefferson County is currently the most populous with 658,466 residents, while Green County has the lowest population at 9,045. In the 2009 US Census data there are a total of 2,171,853 housing units in all of Alabama and a total household of 1,737,080, with an average of 2.49 persons per household. The data also showed that there are 1,883,791 housing units currently occupied, and 288, 062 are vacant.

From the Alabama Real Estate Data Center, the March 2011 data showed that the median property value for a housing unit in Alabama is $111,289. The average price of a house in Alabama currently is pegged at $135,354, from the March 2011 data, with 38,045 units for sale listed.

Given these figures, there are several properties that are available for interested buyers who would like to invest in real estate properties in Alabama. With the current economic slump and the fear of foreclosure faced by many homeowners, the situation has driven more homeowners to dispose of other real estate properties and consolidate their mortgage loans, driving the prices of real estate property down. There are also many homeowners in Alabama, just like in many other states in the US who have been hit hard by the economic downturn and have lost their jobs.

As more properties are being put on the market, a prospective buyer has more tools at his disposal to look at the properties online. Since many realtors will be competing for the hard-earned cash of property investors, the realtors are doing everything to provide the best service for prospective clients. Now it is possible to check property rights, currently available properties, property ownership records, property history and other pertinent data. This is not just for Alabama. This is true for all states in the US.

However, that is not all the information that you will be able to gather when you do an online search for property records in Alabama. As long as you have the full name of the person or the address where the person currently resides, you will be able to find other pertinent information including data on:

  • Property Tax Records
  • Land Records and Deeds
  • Crimes and Crimes Data
  • GIS and Mapping
  • Sex Offender Registration and More…

When using the online search for public property records in Alabama, use all the online tools at your disposal. You will be able to generate an in depth background information on a property owner and the history of the property by following the different links that are provided. Your investment will be the time you will spend doing the background research, a very important investment to help you make the wisest choice if you are buying a property in Alabama or building a personal or business relationship with someone in the Yellowhammer State.

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